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Zen Mountain Float + Wellness is Kimberley’s newest wellness destination, offering you a unique combination of services; floating, energy work, spiritual coaching, holistic skin care and spa services, all in one tranquil and quiet environment allowing you a peaceful break in your day.

Shannon Olsen

During her career as a personal trainer Shannon Olsen realized that there was usually something else that was keeping her clients from succeeding at their goals; their knowledge of exercise usually wasn’t the reason.

The last 2 years Shannon has been on a beautiful spiritual journey that led her to see her own life differently as well as seek the knowledge to be able to help her clients attain their goals on a whole new level. Shannon decided to focus on Spiritual Coaching and Reiki Healing and was looking for other services to combine with, as well as a business partner.

After Shannon’s husband Tim suggested the Float Tanks (aka Sensory Deprivation Therapy), she reached out to Shawna L’Heureux and after one coffee date they knew they had crossed paths at exactly the right time. Zen Mountain Float and Wellness began to evolve. Shannon will be using a wide range of tools and healing techniques in her practice and is excited to watch her clients evolve and see their lives in a whole new perspective.

Email: shannon@zenmountainfloat.com 

Shawna L’Heureux

Opening a wellness center has been a long-time dream for Shawna, she believes people need a place to unwind and relax from their busy lives.

When the opportunity presented itself to open Zen Mountain with Shannon, she jumped at the opportunity to partner with someone who was like minded.

Shawna will continue with her passion, holistic skin care, specializing in advanced skin analysis, acne, anti-aging, rosacea, pigmentation and sensitive skin. Shawna combines skincare with an in-depth knowledge of nutrition. She draws upon her 24 years of experience and training to visibly improve her client’s skin appearance and overall health. Shawna believes the best way to a youthful glow and vibrant health is to engage in a preventative approach to aging.

Email: shawna@zenmountainfloat.com

Bailey Thuillier

Bailey has worked at destination resorts, lodges, and spas throughout Alberta offering everything from sports and therapeutic to relaxation massages. And along with being a certified massage therapist, she also has training in areas like myofascial cupping, sports massage, hatha yoga instruction, and reiki. So she fits right into the wellness experience at our spa.

The massage services that Bailey is providing at Zen Mountain include; 60- or 90-minute massage, ocean elements targeted massage, body wraps, and relaxation facials.

Email: Welcome@zenmountainfloat.com 

Mardi Gammie

Meet Mardi! Mardi has been with us for a few months now specializing in Pedicures, Manicures and Reflexology. Mardi is a level 4 Podologist and has years of experience with seniors & diabetics. She also has an infectious laugh and is a joy to be around! Mardi is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & some Saturdays.

Email: welcome@zenmountainfloat.com

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