Getting to the Root of Acne

June is acne awareness month, making it an opportune time to share our thoughts about this perplexing, but common skin condition. Those with acne often deal with much more than physical symptoms. The emotional and mental stresses of acne can last a lifetime so finding an effective and lasting treatment option as early on as possible is ideal.

Despite often being associated with the teen years, acne affects many adults too, and it is often more severe when it strikes in adulthood. We see acne patients of all ages. And at Zen, we take a holistic and corneotherapeutic approach to acne, as we do with all skin conditions. Essentially what this means is that we get to the root cause of acne rather than simply treating the surface symptoms.

We use our diagnostic equipment and ask a series of questions to first understand what is contributing to your acne. Then we tailor a unique treatment plan.

So what are the contributing factors to acne?

The most common factors are:

  • Hormones—this is why acne is so common in teens, because of the hormone surge that comes with puberty. This involves a complicated dance related to hormones and enzymes and although treating hormones is outside of our scope, working with enzymes within the skin is exactly what we do.
  • Inflammation—when we’re dealing with inflammatory acne, we’re working with more challenging territory, as this often indicates an imbalance in the body’s microflora and bacteria. Ideally, we’re going to start treating your skin before inflammation becomes a problem, but we also have a treatment tool kit to work from if inflammation has already hit.
  • Changes in lipid content or composition—without going into too much scientific detail, this comes down to either an essential fatty acid deficiency or overproduction. Either way, this is not good for your skin, or specifically your acne, so we’ll look at ways that we can correct the imbalance.

Acne can also be caused by:

  • Genetics
  • Diet and lifestyle choices
  • Environmental stress

It’s worth noting that there is a common misconception that acne is caused by oily skin. Actually, acne is often a result of the skin becoming too dried out and can be related to using skincare products that are not suited to your skin type.

How Helpful Are Acne Treatments?

The diagnostic equipment that we use can really make a difference and it allows for a customizable acne program. At Zen, Shawna was treating a young lady who was 15 years old with grade IV acne. The client’s doctors had been treating her for oily skin type and her acne was continuing to get worse. After Shawna completed a full analysis, she clearly found that the client had lipid dry skin and an essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD). With vitamin recommendations and facial treatments that targeted lipid dry skin, her acne slowly started to improve and it eventually cleared up over a six-month period.

When we treat acne, we focus on restoring your skin barrier function and keep your homecare regime as simple as possible. Because simple means easy to follow. And we use calming and soothing products that even skin tone, smooth the skin, and minimize the appearance of pores and scarring. We love our diagnostic and treatment equipment and products, but we’re also excited to…

Announce a New Addition to Our Treatment Line!

Our new Celluma Pro LED Panel arrives this week and it brings innovative NASA-tested light therapy treatments to the table, making it unlike any other professional LED panel on the market today. Widely used by estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and pain management specialists, the Celluma Pro treats a variety of skin and musculoskeletal conditions. This includes acne, wrinkles, and pain.

The panel delivers blue, red, and near-infrared light energy in a safe manner where each wavelength absorbs by different molecules in the skin and activates different cellular responses, such as reducing inflammation or killing bacteria. The Celluma Pro is the only single LED panel device that has been cleared by the FDA to treat skin with three discrete wavelengths simultaneously.

Keep your eyes open for a special introductory offer coming soon!

Whether you struggle with acne or any other skin condition, we’re here to help you. Give us a call today at 250-432-9978 and let’s talk about how we can get you started.


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