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Fall Back in Love with Your Skin

Fall is in full swing! Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and its finally time to get back on track with your skincare regimen. This season, Zen Mountain is focusing on treatments that will turn back time and leave your … Continue reading

Getting to the Root of Acne

June is acne awareness month, making it an opportune time to share our thoughts about this perplexing, but common skin condition. Those with acne often deal with much more than physical symptoms. The emotional and mental stresses of acne can … Continue reading

Getting Real About Sun Protection

Our understanding of the sun has dramatically changed through the generations. It really wasn’t that long ago that people were lined up at the beach and on their lawns slathered in baby oil baking their skin like a Christmas turkey. … Continue reading

Floating During Pregnancy Literally Takes the Weight Off

The duality of pregnancy is that it’s beautiful and miraculous, but also stressful, uncomfortable, and even painful at times. But we have great news for all of the pregnant ladies out there; floating offers amazing stress relief and relaxation, and … Continue reading

Healthy and Balanced Spring Cleansing for Mind, Body, and Soul

As spring approaches and many of us shift from hibernation to action, the thought of spring cleaning comes to mind. While doing a clean sweep of our homes, vehicles, and work spaces, we may also consider cleansing our bodies. There … Continue reading

14 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day…and Every Day!

The approach of Valentine’s Day is a good time to talk about the “L” word. Love. To us, it’s something so much deeper than cards, flowers, and chocolates once a year. Although gifting the people you love is a special … Continue reading

What is Holistic Skincare Anyway?

At Zen, we talk a lot about holistic skincare, but what does that really mean? You may or may not know that Zen’s owner and skincare extraordinaire, Shawna L’Heureux, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in addition to being trained in … Continue reading

massage the stress away

Massage for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

At Zen Mountain Float + Wellness, we’re holistic health advocates and that means that our massage treatments involve much more than simply treating symptoms. Our practitioners provide sessions that give you an opportunity to rest while treating the physical symptoms … Continue reading

wedding beauty packages

Getting Married or Graduating? Start Taking Care of You!

How good would it feel to approach your wedding or graduation totally relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go? We think it would feel pretty amazing. So instead of leaving everything until the last minute, why not get started on self-care … Continue reading

Get Pampered for Mother’s Day!

Zen Mountain Float + Wellness is Kimberley’s newest spa destination and it’s truly spectacular. One step through the front door and you’ll know that you’re in the right spot to enjoy a peaceful break from your busy day. Floating, holistic … Continue reading

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