Healthy and Balanced Spring Cleansing for Mind, Body, and Soul

As spring approaches and many of us shift from hibernation to action, the thought of spring cleaning comes to mind. While doing a clean sweep of our homes, vehicles, and work spaces, we may also consider cleansing our bodies. There are many, many approaches to cleansing and some are definitely a lot more gentle and do-able than others.

5 Ways to Gently Clean Up Your System

There are actions you can take every day that promote a more balanced and clean body. These are gentle solutions that are both simple and cost-effective and can make a remarkable difference in how you feel. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1) Eat Clean – Choose organic, whole foods as much as you can, limiting preservatives, additives, added sugar, etc. Rather than opting for an elimination diet, choose healthy portions from all food groups to get a wide selection of vitamins, minerals, and protein from whole foods.

2) Stay Hydrated – Make sure you’re drinking enough water (and non-sweetened herbal tea) to keep your body hydrated. Avoid letting yourself get to the point of feeling thirsty, as this is an indication that your body is already starting to go into dehydration.

3) Move – Keep your body moving regularly with a combination of gentle and more vigorous exercise to help keeps your cells healthy and system running efficiently.

4) Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol – Dedicate a window of time to eliminating caffeine and alcohol, or at least reducing your intake. It helps give your organs and overall body and mind a chance to restore itself.

5) Rest – This is where many of us miss the mark, not giving our bodies enough downtime. Good rest and sleep is essential for repairing and restoring our body’s systems.

You can detoxify, purify, and clean up your body, habits, and lifestyle without taking harsh and drastic actions that make you feel terrible in the short-term and provide little benefit in the long-term. Balanced and gentle approaches are often more beneficial to your body and they are more likely to provide sustainable and lasting change.

Start loving and taking care of you today!

Here at Zen, we take a balanced approach to cleansing and rather than taking drastic, shocking action all at once, we encourage more simple and ongoing lifestyle changes. Taking small steps at a time that help you change your way of living and being, helping you feel better overall rather than spending three days in the bathroom because of your cleanse.

We also believe that cleansing our minds and souls is just as important as our bodies. After all, the three beautifully integrate together so it makes sense to promote optimal health of all three. And at Zen, we offer several services that can help you get started. Consider coming in for one or more of the following treatments:

  • Bodywrap – The Green Tea and Seaweed bodywrap naturally and gently detoxifies your body, helps balance your hormones, and leaves you feeling replenished and rejuvenated.
  • Infrared Salt Sauna – Salt sauna sessions have so many benefits to your whole system, it’s hard to list them all here! Reducing your cortisol levels, boosting your immune system, improving your cardiac health, and lowering your cholesterol are just some of the benefits that top the list. Check out our salt sauna blog post to learn even more.
  • Ionic Footbath – Safely and effectively pull toxins from your body while in a relaxed and peaceful state with the help of an ionic footbath. A gentle and natural approach to enhancing your body’s own detoxification abilities.
  • Lomi Lomi Massage – Experience this ancient, traditional Hawaiian modality that helps integrate mind, body, and spirit while calming stress and tension, promoting relaxation, and opening your heart.
  • Reiki – Balance your mind, body, and soul while clearing out and releasing all energies that are holding you back or otherwise not serving your best interest. Addressing energetic issues within your body can improve your physical wellbeing more than you may realize.
  • Reflexology – This traditional, natural, and non-invasive therapy helps your body to normalize itself naturally while promoting relaxation and overall health and wellbeing.

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