Floating During Pregnancy Literally Takes the Weight Off

The duality of pregnancy is that it’s beautiful and miraculous, but also stressful, uncomfortable, and even painful at times. But we have great news for all of the pregnant ladies out there; floating offers amazing stress relief and relaxation, and when do women need that more than when they’re expecting?

In fact, the relaxation and pain relief from the float tank can be like no other remedy or treatment available to pregnant women. It’s safe, effective, and you have your own private, quiet space, unlike trying to get in float time at the public swimming pool. Floating brings incredible relief to pregnant women by allowing a one-hour escape from gravity and the stresses of the extra weight and pressure you’re experiencing 24/7.

Benefits of Floating During Pregnancy

Along with relieving sore and aching joints and muscles, floating can help:

  • Reduce morning sickness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Provide additional magnesium
  • Offer deeper and more restful sleeps afterward
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Boost the immune system

Mirror Effect

You may also deepen your connection with your unborn child through the mirror effect. Many women report this beautiful sensation during their time in the tank. This is the experience of floating in the womb-like environment of the tank while your baby floats in your womb, creating an amazing bond between mother and child.

Many pregnant women report that regular floating helps them remain more calm and peaceful throughout the pregnancy, experience less physical, mental, and emotional stress, and develop a sense of better preparedness at the time of childbirth. How awesome is that?

Safety of Floating While Pregnant

We do want to address that there are float centres that won’t permit or ask women to avoid floating during the first trimester. Although there is not a lot of scientific research and data supporting these restrictions, we do like to err on the side of caution.

You are welcome to come into Zen and float during any stage of your pregnancy, but if you are in your first trimester, please bring an approval letter from your doctor or midwife for your confidential file. Also for those ladies in the third trimester, we ask that you don’t float too close to your due date as to avoid your water breaking in the float tank.

Additionally with the second and third trimesters, we still ask that you discuss floating with your doctor or midwife first. This is always wise advice. Every pregnancy is unique, every person is unique, and we don’t recommend starting any new activity without a discussion with your care provider first.

Find Relief Now

Zen’s own Janet Borger has been regularly floating throughout her pregnancy and has experienced many of the benefits as described above. We’re very excited for this little Zen baby to arrive. And we invite you to come join us to experience the relief of the float tank during your pregnancy journey!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or concerns. You can email welcome@zenmountainfloat.com or phone 250-432-9978, and you can book online at www.zenmountainfloat.com/book-online.

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