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Infrared Salt Sauna

The Infrared Salt Sauna will offer you a beautiful place to meditate, practice yoga or stretching, sleep, let go of your thoughts and stress. This room is equipped with an Infrared Sauna and Two Walls of Himalayan Crystal Salt Bricks.  The room temperature is kept at 45C, by special request we can increase the temperature.

Unique Qualities of Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • Sterilizes the air
  • Produces negative ions
  • Neutralizes odours
  • Attracts dust and other particulate
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Stores heat and increases efficiency
  • Elevates energy levels
  • Helps relieve skin problems
  • Helps breathing

Infrared Radiant Heat Benefits:

  • Promotes detoxification through perspiration
  • Lowers cortisol levels, reducing stress
  • Removes heavy metals from blood stream
  • Increases metabolism by enhancing blood flow
  • Reduces cholesterol & regulates blood pressure

Do you have more questions about our infrared salt and wellness room? Check out our post of the 15 most frequently asked questions about the room.

Are you ready to reduce stress, elevate energy, relieve skin problems, detoxification, improve cardiovascular health, decrease anxiety? Book Today!


Infrared Salt Sauna Price List

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Regular price | VIP price for monthly members

Single Session ( 30 minutes )

Single Session ( 60 minutes )

3 Infrared Salt Sauna Package ( 3 x 30 minutes )

3 Infrared Salt Sauna Package ( 3 x 60 minutes )

1 Infrared Salt Sauna Monthly Membership ( 1 x 30 minutes )

1 Infrared Salt Sauna Monthly Membership ( 1 x 60 minutes )

2 Infrared Salt Sauna Monthly Membership ( 2 x 60 minutes )



vip membership pricing subscriptions to spa service

Your choice of a Float or Inrared Salt Sauna room Member or a VIP Spa Member ensures that you take time for yourself each month to relax, escape and thrive at discounted rates. You get the repeat service and follow-up care you deserve. For most clients, a monthly subscription to floating, infrared salt sauna , spa services or spa skin care services is a great way to make sure you take a time-out of your current schedule and set aside some special “ME” time when you might otherwise be too busy to schedule a one-time appointment. Choose the same day & time each month if you prefer!

Unused Floats or Infrared Salt Sauna sessions can always be rolled over into the next month. Corporate memberships are also available, which offer an incredible health benefit to offer your employees and boost employee morale!

We want to create an exceptional float, wellness room  and spa experience for you & welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can best serve you & your membership with us.


Floating or Infrared Salt Sauna  memberships offer great savings!

Spa Services or Skin Care Services VIP pricing is for those who come every 6 weeks or less. You will receive special VIP prices on selected Spa Services. Also, watch for VIP only specials & perks!

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