Floating: Prepare to be Amazed!

Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in this scenario:

You’re weightlessly floating in your own private pool that’s completely free of any external stimuli. The healing magnesium salts in the water makes the floating completely effortless. You have no interruptions, no distractions, and are completely removed from the world for a moment in time. You’re able to enter a deeply meditative—almost dreamlike—state that you may not have ever experienced until now. The air and water temperature matches your body’s temperature and as a result, you’re taken to a place where you forget that you’re even floating in a tank of water.

That’s exactly what you can experience in Zen Mountain’s float tanks. It’s here that you’ll discover that floating is truly for everyone. Are you preparing for a big sports game? Or are you experiencing muscle tension and stress from a rough week at the office? Go for a float.

Although the practice of floating has become more popular in recent years, the first float tanks were developed and studied in the 1950’s. They were initially developed by scientists who wanted to explore the effects of sensory deprivation on the brain and mind. But those initial studies uncovered healing therapeutic effects that were never previously considered. Since the inception of float tanks, extensive research studies have been conducted that show the almost countless benefits associated with floating.

Spending a session in a float tank can:¹

  • Stimulate endorphin production in the brain (endorphins are neurotransmitters/chemicals that help relieve pain and bring about feelings of pleasure)
  • Aid with initiating and maintaining weight loss
  • Help reduce addictive behaviours, such as drinking, smoking, and using drugs
  • Decrease anxiety, stress, and tension
  • Help open the right-brain hemisphere, which can lead to greater imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills
  • Improve athletic performance, speed up sports recovery, and eliminate post-performance fatigue
  • Provide a deeper state of rest than when you’re sleeping

Floating is so therapeutic that sports teams and associations are starting to incorporate it as a part of their regular training regime for athletes. Many of the New England Patriots—including Tom Brady and Chris Hogan—regularly float, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has adopted the practice as well.² ³

So how might you feel after floating? Everyone’s experience is different, but it’s common to feel more relaxed, refreshed, or recharged. Your senses might be heightened, and you may have relief from a variety of physical and mental ailments. Since the benefits of floating are so extensive, we plan to address some of the key advantages of the practice in an ongoing series of blog posts so stay tuned to continue learning more.

Once you discover the ways that floating can transform your life, you’ll likely turn into a regular. So come in to Zen Mountain and experience float therapy for yourself!


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² “Patriots Keep Up With Flotation Therapy Throughout Run to Super Bowl LI.” Comcast SportsNet New England (CSNNE). Accessed March 21, 2017.

³ “AIS Recovery Centre.” Australian Sports Commission. Accessed March 21, 2017.

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