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Why You Should Choose Kimberley

  • Kimberley is growing. We have small-town charm, but unlike many other small towns, we’re flourishing. The energy here is awesome!
  • Although Kimberley has a strong retiree community, we’re also attracting a lot of young families. What that means is that there’s something here for everyone.
  • We’re a community that cares. Most people live here because they want to be here. We’re a happy place and have a real sense of community spirit and pride.
  • We’re a community of mountain bikers, paddle boarders, kayakers, hikers, golfers, skiers, snowboarders, snow bikers…let’s just say that we’re active. Just how many mountain trails, forest roads, and freshwater creeks, rivers, and lakes are around here? We don’t actually know. Because there are that many.
  • We’re cultured. We have a vibrant live music, arts, and culture scene.
  • We have more independent restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Canada. And let’s face it, once you’re hooked on Sheddy Wings, you’ll never leave.
  • Houses are still affordable (but maybe we should keep that a secret?).
  • We have more sunshine hours than most other Canadian cities. (We actually have a sun mine.)
  • We’re a little different…and that’s a good thing to be.

We could keep going, but we think you get the picture. Now tell us why we should choose you to join our team!

To Apply:


Please respond via email to this posting with your resume attached. Please take the time to tell us why you would make a great Spa Therapist in our wellness center.

We will respond to qualified candidates with more information about our company and to book a time for an interview

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