Massage for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

At Zen Mountain Float + Wellness, we’re holistic health advocates and that means that our massage treatments involve much more than simply treating symptoms. Our practitioners provide sessions that give you an opportunity to rest while treating the physical symptoms experienced in your body, relaxing and quieting your mind, and rejuvenating your soul. An experience that soothes you on every level!

Your treatments here are enhanced by our massage and spa therapists who are trained in more than one modality and also practice holistic health in their everyday lives. Their practices are meaningful, not only a means to earn a living.

The therapists at Zen can help you reap the countless benefits of massage, which include:¹

  • Balancing out your desk job/easing the stresses of prolonged sitting
  • Easing muscle aches and pains
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Soothing anxiety and depression
  • Decreasing stress
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep and reducing insomnia
  • Boosting immunity
  • Relieving headaches and decreasing migraine frequency
  • Aiding digestion
  • Enhancing cardiovascular health
  • Decreasing pain and discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improving balance and increasing range of motion

We have an amazing selection of treatments to choose from as well. You can book any of the following sessions:

  • Massage—60 or 90 minute with or without hot stones—uses our green tea leaf and Indian spice body massage serum and addresses inflammation, poor circulation, mind and body fatigue, and dry skin conditions
  • Indian Head Massage—30 or 60 minute—warm Indian spice oil is massaged into your hair and scalp; treatment includes massage and acupressure stimulation on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, and face
  • Lomi Lomi Massage—Traditional, Pregnancy HAPAI, or Lomi Hot Stone—ancient traditional Hawaiian massage that encourages the integration of body, mind, and spirit; relax to the sounds of Hawaii as each heart-centered session relaxes the body, calms the mind, and creates a tangible sense of well-being
  • Rain Drop Therapy Massage—Relaxing and detoxifying massage that uses pure essential oils along the neck, spine, and feet
  • Ocean Elements Targeted Massage—Unique treatment for the neck, shoulders, and back that includes the layering of our raw ocean element-based products
  • Canadian Coastal Foot Therapy with or without pedicure—Healing and therapeutic treatment on the feet and lower legs that addresses pain, inflammation, swelling , fluid retention, and dry skin
  • Green Tea and Seaweed Body Wrap—Full ocean experience where your skin is renewed, layered, wrapped, and nourished, and you also receive an express mineral boost restorative facial during the treatment

Are you ready to experience the full body benefits of holistic massage? Book a session online today or call us at 250-432-9978.

Come find your zen!


¹25 Reasons to Get a Massage, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), Accessed on November 26, 2018.

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