• Reiki treatments Kimberley


A Reiki session will start out with a warm conversation discussing anything you would like Reiki energy to help you with in your life. This can include physical, emotional, relaxation or a particular situation. Your Reiki practitioner will then use sage to clear the energy in the room, get you comfy and relaxed on the table fully clothed, and place healing crystals along your chakras. Your aura will then be opened and the healing will begin with hand placements and Reiki symbols with no physical touch, moving around the table working on your energy.

You may feel warmth, tingling, cold or nothing at all…but rest assured the energy is flowing. You may also fall asleep which is quite normal as it is a very relaxing process. Once the session is complete your practitioner will gently place their hand on you to let you know.

Reiki treatments Kimberley


Reiki session ( 30 minutes )

Reiki session ( 60 minutes )

Reiki 5-Pack 30 ( 5 x 30 minutes )

Reiki 5-Pack 60 ( 5 x 60 minutes )

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