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During Floating, you effortlessly float in 10 inches of water containing 1000 pounds of dissolved magnesium salts. With no light or sound inside the tank and the temperature perfectly matched to your body, floating gently eliminates sensory inputs and allows for complete and total relaxation. This will allow for stress reduction, reduced pain, enhanced creativity and an improved immune function.

First Responders, as our way of giving back to those who serve and protect us we offer a special rate for floating.  Give us a call or stop by to learn more. Floating is an amazing tool for PTSD, sleep, stress, headaches, physical pain, anxiety...the list is endless.

Want to learn more about floating? Check out our posts that introduce you to floating and answer 20 of the most common questions.

Floating Price List

floating spa in kimberley bc

Regular price | VIP price for monthly members

Single Float ( 60 minutes )

3 Float Package ( 3 x 60 minutes )

What Others Say…

Brandon was thoroughly happy and extremely pleased and satisfied with his appointment yesterday. Shawna was very kind and gave Brandon very helpful information to see success in this journey. Thanks again for such a positive experience for Brandon he feels so much more hope in this situation.

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