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    Tinting Services:

    Tinting services include the brow, or lashes & brows.

Waxing or Tinting Services

Waxing is possibly the most effective epilation method and among the most often used to eliminate unwanted hair from almost anywhere on the body.

Tinting services include the brow, or lashes & brows. Please check our service pricing and more information below.

Waxing & Tinting

Eye Lash Curl - Natural Lashes

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Tinting – Brow

Tinting – Lash & Brow

Tinting – Lashes

Waxing – Brow Shaping

Waxing – Chin or Lip

Waxing – Chin & Lip

Waxing – Underarm

Waxing – Arm 1/2

Waxing – Arm Full

Waxing – Bikini

Waxing – Brazilian

Waxing – Leg 1/2 & Bikini

Waxing – Leg 1/2 Lower or Upper

Waxing – Leg Full

Waxing – Leg Full & Bikini

Waxing – Men’s Chest or Back

What Others Say…

Brandon was thoroughly happy and extremely pleased and satisfied with his appointment yesterday. Shawna was very kind and gave Brandon very helpful information to see success in this journey. Thanks again for such a positive experience for Brandon he feels so much more hope in this situation.

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