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Waxing or Tinting Services

Waxing is possibly the most effective epilation method and among the most often used to eliminate unwanted hair from almost anywhere on the body.

At this time we offer waxing services for eyebrows, chin or lip, and underarm.

Tinting services include the brow, or lashes & brows. Please check our service pricing and more information below.

Waxing & Tinting

Eye Lash Curl - Natural Lashes

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Tinting – Brow

Tinting – Lash & Brow

Tinting – Lashes

Waxing – Brow Shaping

Waxing – Chin or Lip

Waxing – Chin & Lip

Waxing – Underarm

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Hi Shawna; thank you for a wonderful morning. WOW – Kimberley is lucky to have your brilliance and high level of expertise Shawna – and Bev, your right hand truly shines in her role!

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